We welcome you to the International Competition for the Nordic Countries in Reykjavík, Iceland, March 2-5 2017. Participation in the The Nordics is open to all Junior Ladies & Men and Advanced Novice Girls & Boys who belonging to the following ISU Member:

Norges Skøyteforbund

Svenska Konståkningsförbundet

Suomen Taitloluisteluiitto

Dansk Skøjte Union

Íslenska Skautasambandið

Here is the the live stream schedule for The Nordics 2017. Press the date you like to watch.

Don´t miss the opportunity of seeing elite athletes compete in Reykjavik on January 26th - February 5th 2017.  Here is the the live stream schedule for the Figure Skating competition.

For further information about The Reykjavik International Games, go to official website, RIG.IS.

On Sunday, the event will be broadcasted live on the national channel RUV.IS

Event updates can be found in the sports section of the MBL.IS newspaper.